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Launch-Date: May 2001


The idea for SpeedyCam had been in my head for a long time, however I was only able to start the site after the Belgian domain names were opened for public registration – was the only domain name available for this project. Other TLD’s used the SpeedyCam moniker for adult entertainment. has a mainly male audience with high speed Internet access. It is used as a laboratory for new technologies and allowed us to have a working example of photo galleries and movies to show to our hosting / web design clients. SpeedyCam is a personal project and not actively maintained. Although we do plan to convert all movies to a format suitable for video iPods. SpeedyCam has good placement on search engines queries related to various car models, web cams, and road movies. - road movies and car pictures

Every now and then, SpeedyCam is featured as a cool site on various directories. In February 2006, it was listed on It has also been featured in USAToday, Yahoo! Pick of the Week, Cool Site of the Day… more awards are viewable at

Usually, I take photos at car shows in Belgium and Germany and post the images on the site. This creates a lot of visitors just to the car images.


  • Audience: 77% are male
  • Language: 83% English as native tongue
  • Occupation: 45% are students
  • Age: 43% are between 25 and 44 years old

speedycam demographics

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