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Launch-Date: 1999

Description was not very actively developed although the domain name was already registered in 1997. The site received its first content only after was created. The DailyScopes site was used to rebrand the astrology content from 0800-horoscope. This allowed us to get additional search engine traffic and to experiment with new marketing tactics without risking losing too many visitors. Lessons learned from DailyScopes were implemented in the other content channels.

Since the redesign of DailyScopes in September 2005, the site’s traffic increased a lot. Further development is planned and more content being prepared. - astrology information

The number of pageviews for DailyScopes has tripled over the last year. It was the first site to receive the redesign in Fall 2005. It was chosen for the redesign because it generated just enough traffic to make some informed decisions about navigation, banner placements and content design.

DailyScopes allowed us to adapt the new design for the other channels to get the best possible navigation and user experience while providing great value to advertisers as well. The site is still being used as a laboratory for new (marketing) techniques.


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