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Launch-Date: December 1995


EasyScopes is an index of horoscope and astrology sites. The horoscopes are sorted and grouped by zodiac sign allowing easy access to those horoscopes through deep linking. The index is currently being revised with a new database backend, which will also allow click tracking to generate statistics about out-going links. Personalization and distribution features are also being planned for the coming months.

EasyScopes is a registered trademark of Euregio.Net AG. The site went online in December 1995. It has undergone several new designs and feature additions since then. Currently we're working on a relaunch of the site to include more Web 2.0 features and make navigation simpler and faster for our visitors. - astrology and horoscope directory

Most of the organic search referrals come from other search engines such as MSN and Yahoo. A large portion of pageviews is generated from links on other web sites and from direct access.

Most visitors to EasyScopes return frequently, majority comes from North America. Monday is the strongest weekday traffic wise.


  • Audience: 81% are women
  • Location: 72% from United States
  • Language: 81% English as native tongue
  • Bookmarks: 24% of all visitors have bookmarked the site

(based upon the survey results by 77053 vistors)

EasyScopes demographics

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