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Launch-Date: 2001


GuruHits is an interactive music quiz. Listen to a 5 second song clip and guess the name of the tune or the artist. There are various playing levels. This game is very addictive.

The idea for the game came to me in 1997. However it took me until 2001 before the legal issues of using song clips on the Internet were resolved. A lot of money was spent on legal fees and eventually, I received a license from SABAM (the authors rights organization) for the song clips I wanted to use. This license is priced on the number of minutes of music available on the site. To limit costs, I reduced the number of songs from 690 to 180 song clips of 5 seconds each.

There are currently 22,900 songs in my music library, which could be converted for the quiz once I can get a discount for using such a large number of songs.

GuruHits Music Quiz

The number of pageviews has increased a lot since the other content channels were redesigned. GuruHits doesn’t create a lot of revenue because most visitors play the game and don’t click on the advertisements. However the game is “skinable” which means that it’s very easy to re-brand the quiz for other web sites.

If you are interested in marketing opportunities on please contact us. It’s not advisable to create a banner campaign on but instead a co-branded version of the game could be created.


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