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Launch-Date: September 1st, 1998

Description was created in order to test new web technologies and also to get more references across the web for the astrology content on EasyScopes. Very quickly started to get a life of its own. People returned on a weekly basis to the site to get their horoscopes. Additional features were added to satisfy the appetite for more astrology content.

In October 2005, the site received a new design and still maintains great search engines rankings across major search engines for the keywords “horoscopes”, “free horoscopes”, “weekly horoscopes”.

A new weekly mailing list tries to pick up where we left in 2002. At that time, 60,000+ personalized e-mails were sent on a weekly basis with the latest horoscope and some additional gossip (similar to an e-mail blog). - astrology information

0800-horoscope gets a lot of regular visitors and many new visitors come back to the site after they discover the breadth and depth of astrology content.

The site has performed consistently and increases traffic and reach over time. An American astrologer and a Canadian astrologer create the astrology content.

Interactive astrology content is licensed from a publisher based in France.


The strongest day traffic-wise is on Mondays when the weekly horoscopes have been updated. The personal daily horoscope features and astrological birth charts enjoy a great popularity on all days.

  • Audience: 84% are women
  • Location: 58% from United States
  • Language: 83% English as native tongue
  • Occupation: 45% are students
  • Age: 64% are under 25 years old

(based upon the survey results by 10504 vistors)

0800-Horoscope demographics

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