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Display Advertising

We work with a variety of banner networks to display the best performing campaigns to the visitors of our entertainment network.

Advertisers can choose their ad network of choice to target ad campaigns on our properties.

We also run our own ad servers which are primarily used to rotate and target various ad networks.

These ad servers are also used for serving high-volume campaigns from advertisers who choose to directly book with us.

This option is only available for long-running campaigns with a large budget or when special ad solutions are needed.

Most advertisers interested in running a campaign on our network will go through an external network. This is very useful for running a test campaign before committing a large, dedicated budget to our properties.

Please contact us directly for large campaigns, spanning multiple months or requiring customized solutions.

Preferred Ad Networks

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is our preferred ad network for text ads and display advertising.

AdWords provides a lot of targeting options which are ideal to reach the right audience.

Login to your Google AdWords account

Casale Media

Casale Media can be used on our sites to run popunder campaigns. We can reach more than 40,000 users per day using popunders.

If you'd like to run popunder creatives on our properties, then please submit an RFP to Casale Media with referral ID 134538.


We use BurstMedia and BurstDirect throughout our sites, mostly for run of site campaigns.

You can submit an RFP to BurstMedia and let them know you'd like to target sites with BurstID 1277.

Affiliate & Inline Advertising

Besides display advertising we also include some affiliate links and inline advertising on our sites.

Ad inventory for affiliate links is very limited and we only work with a handful of reliable advertisers who offer a commission on the sales of their products or for lead generation.

We know which products work best on our entertainment network and we can only accept affiliate programs which are beneficial to us and our advertisers alike.

Affiliate programs which are purely used to increase the number of back links and to increase the link popularity will not be accepted on our sites. Only products which provide an added value to our visitors can be accepted on a commission basis.

Supported Affiliate Networks


ClickBank is our favorite affiliate network. It allows us to work closely with advertisers. Usually, we create branded landing-pages for the advertisers to get a better conversion rate.

Technical skills and modifications to the existing landing-pages are necessary. The layout of the landing-page will emulate the design of our sites which increases the trust from our visitors.

If you're selling your products on ClickBank and would like us to consider them for inclusion, then please contact us with your details.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is used throughout our entertainment network to feature products and services from large advertisers with high conversion rates and high payouts.

Only products with a large number of creatives can be promoted.

If you're selling your products on Commission Junction and would like us to consider them for inclusion, then please contact us with your details.


Kontera In Text advertising is used on some of our properties. You can contact Kontera with your RFP.