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Welcome to our network

The EasyScopes Network was started in 1995 to provide entertaining content to young women and teenage girls.It all started with the EasyScopes horoscope directory and quickly expanded into other channels with astrology and love being the main topics.

More than 1.5 million people visit the network every month with the majority of visitors being young women from North America.

Currently, our content channels include astrology, love & personality tests, quizzes, webcam movies, interactive music games and viral applications.

There are more than 5 million subscribers on our various newsletter & mailing lists.

The future

Our company has always been small but profitable during it's long online history.

We continue to grow our readership by investing into new technologies such as iPhone applications and online gadgets while always keeping the best interest of our advertisers and web site visitors in mind.

We're currently looking for strong partners who share our vision to expand our network and our reach.


Our content

Women and teenage girls enjoy entertaining content and repeatedly visit the information sources they trust. Our loyal readers come back to our network very often for more information on these channels:

  • Daily & Weekly Horoscopes
  • Love Tests
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Music Quizzes
  • Webcam Movies
  • Local Weather Information

We're constantly developing new ideas and launching new products to see what's working in the market and thereby creating interesting advertising opportunities and compelling content.

Advertisers and users alike enjoy the benefits of the interactive products on our network.

We grow our network through strategic alliances and by reinvesting our profits into our infrastructure.

Visitors come to our sites through word of mouth as well as search engines. Little to no advertising is done on our part to maintain the high reach.

Please check the various sections of this web site to discover our network and to get some background information.