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Company Background

Euregio.Net AG was founded in July 1995 with a private investment of 150,000 Euros by the Savelberg family and is still a privately held company today. Over the years, more than 700,000 Euros were invested into its Internet infrastructure. We own all of our servers and special appliances. Euregio.Net employs 3 persons full-time.

In the beginnings, Euregio.Net’s core business was to provide Internet access in the German-speaking part of Belgium with a population of approximately 71,000 people. The Company became the market-leader in the area very quickly as this remote region was not covered by the ISP division of the state-owned telecommunication carrier.

The Company expanded its Internet offerings to include web site hosting, development, training, marketing and (local) content publishing. In 1996, international content publication was started and it is now one of the corner-stones of the business.

The content and marketing strategies became so successful that many companies started to emulate the sites and even copied the content out-right including typos. Euregio.Net sued the NASDAQ-listed copyright infringers and after a long running lawsuit was awarded a six-figure amount in lost revenues and punitive damages.

The remaining part of this page describes Euregio.Net’s entertainment network, also known as the EasyScopes Entertainment Network which was launched in February 1996 by Jochen “Joe” Savelberg.

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EasyScopes Network

EasyScopes ® Entertainment Network

In December 1995, Jochen “Joe” Savelberg, a founding member of Euregio.Net, started the EasyScopes® Entertainment Network (the Network). This network of web sites for young women and teenage girls has grown into various channels covering astrology, horoscopes, love, self-help, music, and movies.

The network started with the EasyScopes horoscope directory and search engine. Very quickly, EasyScopes became one of the most popular astrology destinations on the Internet.

On February 23rd, 1996 with the Original Internet LoveTest was launched on the network. This was an online version of a computer game, which Joe Savelberg had created while still in high school. It was one of the first interactive quiz sites on the Internet, providing lots of personalized quizzes to a young audience.

Following channels are included in the EasyScopes Entertainment Network:

The content for the Network is created in-house. External authors working on a contract basis create the weekly horoscopes. We hold the copyright to the content on our network except for the music quiz where we license the broadcast rights from the authors rights organization.

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