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Launch-Date: February 23rd, 1996

Description started out as a computer game written by Joe Savelberg when he was still in high school. The quiz asked personalized questions and then analyzed the results to provide the love compatibility. The Internet version of the quiz was written in December 1995 and went online on February 23rd, 1996. Test takers can receive their personalized quiz results by e-mail.

Since the early days, the quiz was enhanced with new personality tests and other fun love games. The new design of LoveTest went online on February 10th, 2006 just in time for Valentine’s Day on which occasion the site receives a lot of media attention.

An iPhone version of the site and an iPhone app will be launched in February 2009. - love tests and personality quizzes

The LoveTest site enjoys a great popularity all year long, with a slight drop of reach numbers during summer when schools and colleges are closed. The most popular periods are January and February (just before Valentine’s day).

On average 160,000 test results are e-mailed every month. These messages contain the personalized results to the different quizzes. Only the 3 major quizzes used to send those messages. The other quizzes gained that functionality in late 2006.

LoveTest has a strong presence on all major search engines. When you search on Google for the very popular word “love”, the site is listed on number 2 or 3 of all related web sites.


Currently, many visitors only visit LoveTest once or every couple of months – when their love interests change.

  • Audience: 85% are women
  • Location: 63% from United States
  • Language: 81% English as native tongue
  • Occupation: 68% are students
  • Age: 89% are under 25 years old

(based upon the survey results by 51574 vistors)

LoveTest demographics

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